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International A-Class Association (IACA)
International A-Class Catamaran Association (IACA)
The International A-Division Catamaran Association (I.A.C.A.) was created later than 30 years ago.

The objectives of the I.A.C.A. are to promote and further the interests of the A-Division Catamarans throughout the world including: To maintain the restricted design character of the A-Division Catamaran. To co-ordinate and manage the affairs of the Division. To make recommendations on the control of the Division to the ISAF International Sailing Federation. To encourage and co-ordinate National and International competitions within the A-Division Catamarans.

International A-Class Association (IACA)

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DNA A-class Catamaran
Danish A-Class Association
International A-Class Association (IACA)

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