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DNA A-class Catamaran
'The best sailors are on the DNA Sjoerd Hoekstra
'Incredible fast' Manolo Calavia
'10 percent faster doing the wildthing' Arno Terra
'Very slippery both upwind and downwind' Pieterjan Dwarshuis

The DNA showed the superiority of the curved foiled A-class catamarans in the 2010 season. Before the Worlds in Cesenatico there was some doubt about the use of curved daggerboards. After the Worlds most topsailors who competed there ordered their DNA. 18 have been shipped to Australia and several America's Cup syndicates bought their own DNA's.

As designers we believed that it was not just the curved foils you needed for superior performance but a whole package; ultra stiff platform (both hulls and beams!), mainbeam clearly aft midship, high volume, extreme wave piercing, wide transom, flat bottom.

The result is an A-class that has a superior speed upwind, is incredibly fast doing the wildthing; sailing both deeper and faster than the older boats. The 2011 boats will be even faster with the new rigs which are especially developed with the DNA in mind. The new rigs are more powerful due to the softer foraft masts and the fuller sails. The DNA can handle much more power downwind than the straight board boats. The extra power keeps the boat in the groove in the lulls, where you previously had to steer up to keep the hull flying. DNA's with the new rigs are beating the F18's around the course now. Trapezing downwind will be the norm for the 2011 season, something we have never seen before in the A-class.
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DNA A-class Catamaran

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DNA A-class Catamaran
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